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Author: Francesca Müller
Title: Instruments of short- and medium-term financing
Publisher: Grin Verlag
ISBN/ISSN: 9783346189745
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Publication date: 01/01/2020
Category: Wirtschaft/Management
Language: English
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Pages: 15
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Seminar paper from the year 2018 in the subject Business economics - Investment and Finance, grade: 1,7, Heilbronn University, language: English, abstract: This paper should give the reader an understanding of what funding is in general and what types of short- and medium-term financing are common. In the first part of the paper, the general meaning of funding is highlighted. In the further course, the different forms of financing are briefly presented. The main part of the thesis deals with the short- and medium-term financing period and the associated financing instruments. In order to complete the paper, the author will give a personal conclusion in a last point. In today's fast-paced world, market conditions for companies are becoming more complex day by day. Companies are under constant pressure to maximize sales and profits, cut costs and sustainably increase the value of the business.1 Due to these factors, the financial management of a company becomes more and more important. Above all, the development of capital demand and the associated procurement of necessary funds often present companies with major challenges.2 In order to ensure the solvency of a company, the financial industry offers basic financing instruments. Correct use of these financing instruments can significantly benefit companies.