Herausgeber: Ajith Abraham, Robert Goldberg
Titel: Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Theoretical Advances and Applications
Verlag: Springer-Verlag
ISBN/ISSN: 9781846281372
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Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization is an expanding field of research. This book brings a collection of papers with some of the most recent advances in this field. The topic and content is currently very fashionable and has immense potential for practical applications and includes contributions from leading researchers in the field. Assembled in a compelling and well-organised fashion, Evolutionary Computation Based Multi-Criteria Optimization will prove beneficial for both academic and industrial scientists and engineers engaged in research and development and application of evolutionary algorithm based MCO. Packed with must-find information, this book is the first to comprehensively and clearly address the issue of evolutionary computation based MCO, and is an essential read for any researcher or practitioner of the technique.