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Author: Gabriele Kaiser, Yeping Li
Editor: Yeping Li, Gabriele Kaiser
Title: Expertise in Mathematics Instruction An International Perspective
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN/ISSN: 9781441977076
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Publication date: 01/01/2010
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Accumulated research findings in past decades have led to the common knowledge that teachers' professional knowledge is essential to effective classroom instruction. However, there is still very limited understanding about the nature of teachers' expertise in mathematics instruction. Expertise in Mathematics Instruction addresses this need clearly and concisely. In particular, it examines all aspects of emphases employed to characterize the nature of expertise in mathematics instruction from both researchers' and practitioners' perspectives. Moreover, with research contributions from both the East and the West, this book also examines ideas pertinent to fostering and demonstrating expertise in mathematics instruction within different system contexts. This book will raise questions and issues for mathematics education researchers to guide a critical examination of what can be learned from other education systems.

Expertise in Mathematics Instruction builds on its theoretical and methodological approach with contributions from international experts in the field. Additionally, a review of related research from mathematics education serves as an introduction to the new research in both Eastern and Western settings. Concluding this resource is a reflection on the benefits of this international collaboration and possible research directions for the future. The final chapter cohesively joins traditional and current research for action.

Expertise in Mathematics Instruction is of interest to researchers in mathematics education, mathematics teacher educators, and mathematics educators.

Table of contents
About the Authors9
Part I Introduction and Research Perspectives17
Expertise in Mathematics Instruction: Advancing Research and Practice from an International Perspective18
Examining and Understanding Expertise in Mathematics Instruction in an International Context20
The Issue of Identifying and Selecting Teachers with Expertise21
The Issue of Specifying and Analyzing Aspects of Teachers' Expertise in Mathematics Instruction22
The Issue of Understanding Expertise in Mathematics Instruction that is Valued in Different Cultures23
Overview of the Book24
Part I: Introduction and Related Research Summaries24
Part II: Understanding and Examining Teacher Expertise in a Western Setting25
Part III: Understanding and Examining Teacher Expertise in an Eastern Setting27
Part IV: Researching and Reflecting on Teacher Expertise in an International Context28
Significance and Limitations29
Theoretical Perspectives, Methodological Approaches, and Trends in the Study of Expertise31
Retrospective for the Past Three Decades31
Studying Exceptional Experts32
A Difference in Search Strategies32
A Difference in the Structure of Knowledge36
A Difference in Representation38
Issues of Training40
The Current Constructs42
Deliberate Practice42
Adaptive Expertise44
Team or Group Expertise46
Expertise as Perspective Shift47
Images of Expertise in Mathematics Teaching54
A Vignette of Mathematics Teaching: The Crowd Estimation Problem56
Research Paradigms in the Study of Mathematics Teaching57
Process-Product Research57
A First Look into the Mind of the Teacher58
A Focus on Subject-Specific Teaching59
A Situative Perspective on Teaching60
Design Research: Teaching as Curriculum Adaptation61
Current Research on Mathematics Teaching: Four Images of Expertise62
Mathematics Teacher as Diagnostician62
Looking at Data63
Studying Teacher Expertise63
The Crowd Estimation Lesson64
Mathematics Teacher as Conductor64
Looking at Data65
Studying Teacher Expertise65
The Crowd Estimation Lesson66
Mathematics Teacher as Architect66
Looking at Data66
Studying Teacher Expertise67
The Crowd Estimation Lesson67
Mathematics Teachers as River Guide68
Looking at Data68
Studying Teacher Expertise68
The Crowd Estimation Lesson69
Part II Expertise in Mathematics Instruction in a Western Setting74
Coordinating Characterizations of High Quality Mathematics Teaching: Probing the Intersection75
Characterizations of High Quality Mathematics Teaching76
Highly Accomplished Teaching: NBPTS Certification76
Effective Use of Cognitively Demanding Mathematics Tasks78