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Author: Keith C. Ferdinand, Annemarie Armani
Editor: Keith C. Ferdinand, Annemarie Armani
Title: Cardiovascular Disease in Racial and Ethnic Minorities
Publisher: Humana Press
ISBN/ISSN: 9781597454100
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Publication date: 01/01/2010
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Cardiovascular heart disease mortality in African Americans is the highest of all major racial/ethnic subpopulations in the United States. Examining race and ethnicity, Cardiovascular Disease in Racial and Ethnic Minorities will reveal that there are unacceptable healthcare disparities in risk factor prevalence, disease states, and cardiovascular outcomes in the United States. Written by a team of experts, Cardiovascular Disease in Racial and Ethnic Minorities examines to what degree biomedical and scientific literature can clarify the impact of genetic variation versus environment as related to cardiovascular disease. Chapters illustrate the magnitude of cardiovascular and metabolic disparities and the effect of environment on diseases.
Table of contents
1 Cardiovascular Disease in Racial/Ethnic Minorities: Overview and Perspectives19
1. Introduction20
2. Current Concepts of Race and Ethnicity: Facts and Fallacies 21
3. Overview of CVD in Racial/Ethnic Minorities Chapters23
3.1 Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Diseases and Risk Factors Among Racial and Ethnic Populations in the United States23
3.2 Unmasking Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease: Nutritional, Socioeconomic, Cultural and Healthcare-Related Contributions23
3.3 Race and Genetics24
3.4 Race, Genetics, and Cardiovascular Disease25
3.5 Hypertension and Stroke in Racial/Ethnic Groups26
3.6 Dyslipidemia in Racial and Ethnic Groups26
3.7 Novel and Emerging Risk Factors in Racial/Ethnic Groups27
3.8 Therapeutic Lifestyle Interventions in a Multicultural Society28
3.9 Obesity and the Cardiometabolic Syndrome: Impact on Chronic Kidney Disease and CVD28
3.10 Risk Calculation and Clustering within Racial/Ethnic Groups29
3.11 Cardiovascular Imaging in Racial/Ethnic Populations: Implications for the Adequate Application of Cardiovascular Imaging Techniques Guided by Racial and Ethnic Risk29
3.12 Unique Aspects of Vascular and Cardiac Ultrasound in Racial/Ethnic Groups30
3.13 Heart Failure in Racial/Ethnic Populations31
3.14 Minority Women and CVD32
4. Perspectives on CV Morbidity/Mortality in Racial/Ethnic Minorities32
5. Practical Approaches to Eliminating Disparities33
6. Socioeconomic-Disadvantaged Status and CVD35
7 Future Considerations35
2 Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Diseases and Risk Factors Among Racial/Ethnic Populationsin the United States40
1 Summary40
2 Introduction41
3 Strengths and Limitations of the Existing Epidemiologic Data42
4 Life Expectancy and Summary Measures ofPopulation Health43
5 Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Biomarkers45
5.1 Self-Reported Behavioral and Lifestyle Risks48
5.2 Prevalence and Trends in Measured Risk Factors48
5.3 Emerging Risk Factors and Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Risk53
5.4 Markers of Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease54
6 Cardiovascular Morbidity57
7 Access to Care and the Quality ofHealth CareDelivered58
8 Progress Made in the Elimination ofHealth Disparities59
9 Summary and Conclusions61
3 Unmasking Racial/Ethnic Disparities inCardiovascular Disease: Nutritional, Socioeconomic, Cultural, and Health-Care-Related Contributions68
1 Population-Based CVD Burden/Racial and Ethnic Disparities in CVD69
2 Likely Causes of Population-Based Differences in CVD Burden by Race/Ethnicity71
2.1 The Role of Genetics in Race/Ethnicity Disparities in CVD72
2.2 Environmental Effects73
2.3 Low Birth Weight76
2.4 Dietary Nutrients and Physiologic Effects upon CVD77
2.5 Dietary Nutrients, Socioeconomic Status, and Race78
2.6 Physical Inactivity79
2.7 Geography and Acculturation79
3 Socioeconomic Status and Cardiovascular Disease80
4 Cardiovascular Disease Disparities in Health-Care Settings81
4.1 Coronary Ischemia and Myocardial Infarction82
4.2 Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, and Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors82
4.3 Congestive Heart Failure82
4.4 Health System and Provider Characteristics Linked to CVD Disparities83
4.5 Proposed Solutions for Reducing/Eliminating CVD Health Disparities in Health-Care Settings83
5 Cultural Competency and CVD Health Care85
5.1 Health-Care Quality and the Underserved85
5.2 Cultural Competency Defined85
5.3 Cardiovascular Disease and Etiology87
5.4 Laizze Faire or Fatalistic Attitudes87
3.1 Summary88
4 Race and Genetics97
1 Introduction98
2 How is Genetic Variation Structured?99
3 Measure and use of Genetic Ancestry101
4 Finding Disease Susceptibility Genes in Admixed Populations103
5 Has Natural Selection Shaped Genetic Variation?103
6 Conclusion104
5 Race, Genetics and Cardiovascular Disease108
1 Introduction109
2 Predisposition110
3 Screening111
4 Pathophysiology112
4.1 Health Disparities: The Role of Gender and Ethnicity113
4.2 Ethnicity-Based Therapies113
5 Pharmacogenetics114
6 Future Directions114
7 Conclusions And Recommendations115
8 Glossary115
9 Acknowledgments116
6 Hypertension and Stroke in Racial/Ethnic Groups118
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