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Author: Thomas M. Bashore, Andrew Wang
Editor: Andrew Wang, Thomas M. Bashore
Title: Valvular Heart Disease
Publisher: Humana Press
ISBN/ISSN: 9781597454117
Edition: 1
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Publication date: 01/01/2010
Category: Medizin & Pharmazie
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Challenges for the treatment of valvular heart disease include the growing need for effective yet less invasive interventions and therapies to treat these progressive conditions. With the development of potential new treatments, it is crucial for cardiac
physicians to be well informed on the pathophysiology, assessment, treatment options and their outcomes of valvular diseases. Written by a highly experienced and internationally recognized group of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and researchers, Valvular Heart Disease offers insights into the widely varying hemodynamic effects and clinical course of heart valve conditions, as well as the contemporary management of these conditions. Offering a broad perspective on these diseases, Valvular Heart Disease expands on the recent guidelines developed by the major heart societies in the United State and Europe.

Table of contents
Morphologic Aspects of Valvular Heart Disease11
Cellular Pathogenesis of Degenerative Valvular Heart Disease: From Calcific Aortic Stenosis to Myxomatous Mitral Valve Disease46
Ventricular Adaptation to Valvular Heart Disease67
Physical Examination in Valvular Heart Disease81
Clinical Hemodynamics in Valvular Heart Disease101
Echocardiographic Assessment of Native Valve Function131
Aortic Stenosis173
Aortic Regurgitation195
Mitral Stenosis214
Mitral Regurgitation227
Tricuspid Stenosis and Regurgitation253
Pulmonary Valve Stenosis and Regurgitation271
Contemporary Considerations in Aortic Valve Surgery286
Contemporary Considerations in Mitral Valve Surgery316
Surgery of the Tricuspid and Pulmonary Valves339
Medical Therapy of Valvular Heart Disease363
Percutaneous Valve Replacement379
Percutaneous Balloon Valvuloplasty and Mitral Valve Repair396
Post-operative Care of the Patient Undergoing Valve Surgery413
Prosthetic Valve Dysfunction448
Infective Endocarditis475
Exercise and Noncardiac Surgery in Valvular Heart Disease499
Valvular Heart Disease and Pregnancy515
Subject Index527