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Titel: Microarray Technology and Cancer Gene Profiling
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Given the revolutionary implications that the use of this technology might have in the clinical management of cancer patients, the principles of DNA array-based tumor gene profiling must be clearly understood for the data to be correctly interpreted and appreciated. This book, written by leading experts, discusses the technical features characterizing the powerful laboratory tool of microarray technology, and reviews applications in the field of oncology.

Manufacturing of Microarrays18
Technological Platforms for Microarray Gene Expression Profiling29
Principles of Gene Microarray Data Analysis36
Gaining Weights... and Feeling Good about It!48
Complementary Techniques:83
Microarrays for Cancer Diagnosis and Classification91
Gene Profiling for the Prediction of Tumor Response to Treatment:103
Identification of Molecular Determinants of Tumor Sensitivity and Resistance to Anticancer Drugs112
SNP and Mutation Analysis122
Cancer Development and Progression134
Gene Expression Profiling in Malignant Lymphomas151
Tumor Immunology164