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Author: Frank Bovenkerk, Michael Levi
Editor: Frank Bovenkerk, Michael Levi
Title: The Organized Crime Community Essays in Honor of Alan A. Block
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN/ISSN: 9780387390208
Edition: 1
Price: CHF 135,50
Publication date: 01/01/2007
Category: Recht/Jurisprudenz
Language: English
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Pages: 232
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This book contains a collection of essays in honor of Alan A. Block including his now classic study on the origins of IRAN-CONTRA. It brings together important contributions from Block's students and contemporaries to show the impact of his work on the field of global organized crime. Professor Alan A. Block of Penn State University has proven to be one of the most inspiring criminologists in the field.

Frank Bovenkerk is cultural anthropologist and professor of criminology at the Willem Pompe Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. His main fields of research are organized crime, discrimination and crime and ethnicity. His current interest is moving toward the field of cultural criminology.

Michael Levi has been Professor of Criminology at Cardiff University, Wales, UK since 1991, and has been researching organised and white-collar crime issues since 1972. He has degrees from Oxford, Cambridge and Southampton Universities. His books include Drugs and Money (with Petrus van Duyne), 2005; Fraud: Organization, Motivation and Control I and II,1999; Money-Laundering in the UK (with Michael Gold), 1994; The Investigation, Prosecution, and Trial of Serious Fraud, 1993; Regulating Fraud: White-Collar Crime and the Criminal Process, 1987; and The Phantom Capitalists: the Organisation and Control of Long-Firm Fraud, 1981, to be republished by Ashgate in 2006 with a new introduction. He is currently completing White-Collar Crime and its Victims and White-Collar Crime in the Media for Clarendon Press, Oxford, and a variety of research studies on serious and organised crime.

Table of contents
The Origins of IRAN-CONTRA: Lessons from the Durrani Affair14
California Dreams and Gangster Schemes: The Standley Commission, the Guarantee Finance Company, and the Social System of Organized Crime in post- World War II Southern California43
New Times, New Crimes: 43
New Times, New Crimes: 43
The United Nations Oil-for-Food Program: Corruption, Bribery and International Relations in the Serious Crime Community71
Bystander Memories Explored: Dutch Gentile Eyewitness Narratives on the Deportation of the Jews80
Mid East Meets Mid West? Theopolitics, Crime and Terror in the U. S.96
Assessing Organised Crime: The Sad State of an Impossible Art111
The Rise of Two Drug Tigers: The Development of the Illegal Drugs Industry and Drug Policy Failure in Afghanistan and Colombia135
Half-baked Legalization Won`t Work159
Pecunia Non Olet? The Control of Money- laundering Revisited170
Any Mans Death.... Some Reflections on the Significance of International Criminal Justice192