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Author: Nikerson Eveillard
Title: The Corner Side When the wind of enchantment goes through
Publisher: Books on Demand
ISBN/ISSN: 9782322192755
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Publication date: 01/01/2020
Category: Biografien
Language: French
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Pages: 170
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Some books change our lives. "The book is a gear (...) it won't let you go until it gives your mind a way"., said Victor Hugo. Human relationships involve too many social, moral, ideological to ignore them and make the most of them. The metro Saint-Michel, where I sing, has given me the opportunity (and continues to do so) to experience amazing, exciting things and to learn every day. It is my field of observation and study, if I may so. This testimony spans a decade (2007-2017) that I find interesting and worth sharing. With this book, I would like to meet metro users. I want to touch hearts, give an example and show that the metro is not just about transportation.

My name is Nikerson Eveillard. I was boen in Les Cayes; the third largest city in Haïti. I am the latest of a family of five children. I have always been, from my younger age, interested in travelling, discovering and cultures. I arrived in France in 1997 to study Information-Communication. As soon as I started my studies, I did not take long to create an association M.D.C.E (Movement for the Development of Les Cayes and its Surroundings). Its overall aim is to highlight the excellence of our city and its regions in many fields (sport, culture, heritage, and so on) in order to promote its development and its attractivity.