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Author: Tony Gaschler
Title: EL-Method Overcoming shyness, fear of public speaking, insecurity, low self-esteem, stage fright, excessive facial blushing and any other social anxiety disorder.
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Do you suffer from shyness, self-consciousness, facial blushing, fear of public speaking, stage fright, lack of self-confidence and other emotional inhibitions? Then help yourself to eliminate these inhibitions here and now with the EL Method! The EL METHOD by Tony Gaschler is an INTENSIVE ELIMINATION METHOD, which you can use to rid yourself quickly of unwanted psychological and social inhibitions in a surprisingly easy way without needing help from anyone else. Tragic though the effects of inhibitions might be, there is also a simple way of removing them. A highly-effective self-help technique with distinct effective factors can be used to help you replace inhibitions with a genuine and self-confident pattern of behavior in a short space of time. You can rid yourself of any feelings of inhibition or any outward signs of inhibition that so often make your life difficult. What EFFECTIVE FACTORS are used to eliminate my inhibitions? The well-known psychologist and hypnosis specialist, Tony Gaschler (Germany), has spent years researching and developing a special form of autosuggestion: 'DYNAMIC AUTOSUGGESTION'. This dynamic autosuggestion method systematically erases old patterns of behavior, removes negative inhibitions and replaces them with new, self-assured RESPONSE SYSTEMS. This dynamic method is unique and particularly effective. The dynamic autosuggestion method has an advantage over other methods in that it is more intense, is faster and, above all, it acts fully automatically. It does not matter whether you believe in it or not. It will always produce the same effective results. Through your new, self-assured response system you will change your behavior patterns so quickly that even in the first weeks that you start practicing your success will be noticeable to your friends and associates. As a side effect, you will notice an increased joy of life, you will experience more feelings of happiness and will start to enjoy social interactions.

The originator is the German psychologist, hypnosis expert, and author Tony Gaschler, who developed many valuable and beneficial methods specifically for autodidactic training. A short expert of his two greatest bestsellers: MODERN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE: Tony Gaschler started with the TOGA METHOD, a method used to develop practical instructions for learning hypnotization techniques, which was highly successful. Whether for professional or private goals, many have used Tony Gaschler's methods to learn hypnotization. After many years of experience, Tony Gaschler has combined his successful TOGA METHOD technique with the latest findings in hypnosis research. This yielded the bestseller MODERN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE and was especially developed for learning hypnosis auto-didactically. With the help of the MODERN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE, countless people - among them alternative practitioners, physicians, and psychologists - have learned the practical application of hypnosis. EL METHOD: His second and even more successful work is the EL METHOD known in Germany by its German title 'EE-METHODE.' The EL METHOD has helped more than 60,000 people free themselves from unwanted inhibitions. By now, Tony Gaschler has a vast store of over 30,000 success stories and thank-you letters from around the world, which he received from thankful people using his self-help methods.
Table of contents


Objective of the Emotional Liberation Method

The Method in hand is an active process using specific exercises to remove and eliminate development inhibitions and emotional blocks. It has a clear and fixed objective: To emotionally liberate you from your bothersome inhibitions and replace them with a sure and self-confident behavior that will be at your disposal in front of every person and in every situation any time you need it. Since this goal is linked with certain experiences that are decisive factors for the complete success of the Emotional Liberation Method (EL Method), your voluntary and active cooperation is required. Your part consists of carefully studying the entire Method and to carry out all of the listed exercises without reservations. Only if you cooperate of your own free will and are and active participant can the targeted objective be reached in its entirety.

To teach a person is one thing, to change a person is something completely different. The Method in hand does not want to patronize or lecture you. It is supposed to help you change the way you envision it; to change so that your negative and socially impractical development, inhibitions and blocks disappear in their entirety and are replaced with the positive and development-supportive and fostering capability of being able to speak and act freely in any situation. This objective is completely attainable if the Method in hand is followed properly.

Proper Use of this Method

The following items are important to ensure the proper use of the EL Method:

1.First, carefully read the entire EL Method for a clear overview of what the Method entails. Study carefully what you do not understand right away. Reread passages if necessary until they become clear. Also, pay close attention to those sections that especially apply to your case. Start the exercises as described only after you have really understood everything.

2.Our experiences with the EL Method have clearly shown that success ins guaranteed in every case if the prescribed exercises are followed correctly and carried out daily. Partial or occasional training, however, always yields only partial success. The best and most successful attitude towards the exercises is that you strive to turn each and every exercise into a masterpiece. Even if this might be a bit difficult in the beginning, this positive attitude ensures that every individual exercise will have the optimal (best-possible) effect.

3.If circumstances should make it impossible for you to do a certain exercise, we recommend you repeat that exercise the following day. However, if special circumstances cause you to skip several days, we recommend not just repeating the missed exercises but to repeat the previous step as well.

The Peculiar Effects of the Will on Inhibitions

All inhibited individuals know that their inhibitions are the strongest just when they are consciously trying to fight and suppress them. Inhibitions are development blocks and socially impractical reactions and behaviors towards the environment and our fellow men and women. They are triggered automatically by subconscious reaction systems. Such reaction systems have two peculiar properties:

1.The effect of a reaction system is always STRENGTHENED when this effect is NOT DESIRED and IS FOUGHT deliberately. For example: Blushing is a symptom of inhibition known the world over. If a person suffering from blushing deliberately and consciously, FIGHTS blushing by trying very hard NOT TO BLUSH this person will experience an especially severe bout of blushing.

2.The effect of a reaction system is always WEAKENED if a person CONSCIOUSLY desires this effect in all of its details. This means the following in the case of blushing: If a person suffering from blushing attempts to blush CONSCIOUSLY and DELIBERATELY, that person will be unable to blush.

This is true for all inhibition symptoms. Any attempt at NOT BEING INHIBITED OR BLOCKED has the effect of INCREASING THE INHIBITIONS OR BLOCKS. And every attempt at CONSCIOUSLY and DELIBERATELY BEING INHIBITED has the effect of DECREASING and WEAKENING the INHIBITIONS.

This fundamental realization and discovery is especially important at the very beginning of the EL Method. Every inhibited individual continuously attempts consciously and deliberately to fight his or her blocks and inhibitions and thus continuously strengthens and increases these inhibition symptoms. However, if this realization has the effect that every conscious and deliberate struggle is eliminated so that inhibitions are now longer strengthened continuously then this, of course, also supports the emotionally liberating effect of the applied exercises tremendously. This results in a significant improvement as early as the first few days after starting the EL Method.

Your first hands-on task is thus as follows:


Instead, start using the exercises described in the EL Method. Follow the instructions properly and do your exercises daily. In addition, put all of your trust into the effectiveness of these exercises. These exercises have helped many others before you and are sure to help you as well to reach your desired goal.


Emotional autosuggestion means: conscious self-influencing. We understand this to be a process that makes it possible for us to exert an effective influence and affect from within mental areas on psychosomatic areas. For example, autosuggestion allows us to have a real and lasting impact on our behavior and our reactions.