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Author: Kagiso Andy Malepe
Title: Summary of 'No Silver Bullet. Essence and Accident in Software Engineering' by Frederick Brooks, 1995
Publisher: GRIN Publishing
ISBN/ISSN: 9783668218505
Edition: 1
Price: CHF 2.10
Publication date: 01/01/2016
Category: Informatik, EDV Buch
Language: English
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Pages: 7
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Abstract from the year 2016 in the subject Computer Science - Software, , course: Computer Systems Engineering, language: English, abstract: Software engineering has its limits. No piece of software that has been build in the past is error-free or completely reliable. There is a need in the software engineering field for software development methods which would produce simple and reliable software. This is a summary of a paper by Frederick Brooks, No Silver Bullet - Essence and Accident in Software Engineering.