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Author: Anders Biel, Daniel Eek, Tommy Gärling, Mathias Gustafsson
Editor: Anders Biel, Daniel Eek, Tommy Gärling, Mathias Gustafson
Title: New Issues and Paradigms in Research on Social Dilemmas
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN/ISSN: 9780387725963
Edition: 1
Price: CHF 86.60
Publication date: 01/01/2007
Category: Sozialwissenschaften
Language: English
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Pages: 288
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Readers need look no further if they seeking an edited volume compiled to present the latest developments in the field of social dilemma research. Social dilemmas are situations when there is a conflict between self-interest and collective interest. This work examines under what circumstances people make decisions that are in line with the collective interest as well as investigating what can increase the likelihood of cooperation. Three man sections mirror the different levels of analysis: individual, group, and societal.

Table of contents
The Conceptual Framework of Social Dilemmas13
A New Look at the Theory of Social Value Orientations: Prosocials Neither Maximize Joint Outcome nor Minimize Outcome Differences but Prefer Equal Outcomes22
A Classification of Games by Player Type39
How Do We React to Feedback in Social Dilemmas?55
Group-Based Trust in Social Dilemmas69
Promoting Cooperation in Social Dilemmas via Fairness Norms and Group Goals84
Bringing Back Leviathan into Social Dilemmas105
Effectiveness of Coercive and Voluntary Institutional Solutions to Social Dilemmas136
A Recursive Model for Changing Justice Concerns in Social Dilemmas154
The Emergence of Generalized Exchange by Indirect Reciprocity171
The Herdsman and the Sheep, Mouton, or Kivsa?189
Will Lessons from Small-Scale Social Dilemmas Scale Up?201
Effect of Information Structure in a Step- Level Public- Good Dilemma Under a Real- Time Protocol224
Toward an Analysis of Cooperation and Fairness That Includes Concepts of Cooperative Game Theory242
Using Genetic Algorithms for Simulation of Social Dilemmas264
Toward a Comprehensive Model of Social Dilemmas277