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Author: Erind Pajo
Title: International Migration, Social Demotion, and Imagined Advancement An Ethnography of Socioglobal Mobility
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN/ISSN: 9780387719535
Edition: 1
Price: CHF 86.60
Publication date: 01/01/2007
Category: Sozialwissenschaften
Language: English
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Pages: 214
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This book represents one of the first studies to look at the negative results of migration. Based on an ethnographic study focusing on Albanian migrants in Greece and Italy, the book discusses the reasons people leave their homeland for a 'better life' - especially if that does not happen. It finds that imaginaries of the world as a social hierarchy might lie at the root of much of the contemporary international migration.

Table of contents
List of Maps11
List of Tables12
List of Photographs13
1 International Migration as Socioglobal Mobility14
Down and Under as Economic Advantage15
The Meaning of Migrants' Money21
Socioglobal Mobility22
2 A Preliminary Portrait of the Albanian Emigration24
3 Ethnography and the Discursive Scape38
Emigration as Everyone Knows It38
The Feeling of All the Emigrants43
Never a One Will Know What Every Emigrant Knows48
The Structure of This Ethnography51
4 Portrait of Lumturi F., High School Teacher, Domestic Cleaner, Kitchen Help, Maid57
5 Greece Is Better than Albania65
The Objective Inferiority of Albania65
Objectifications of Individuality, Distinction, and Indistinction in Albania70
Objective Contradictions in Greece76
Greece is Better than Albania81
6 Portrait of Petraq Z., Research Scientist, Plumber's Aide, Maker of Icon Frames, Champion of Capitalism83
7 Sufferings of the Soul91
A Richer and Unhappy Life91
The Sufferings of Intellectual Superiority in the Employment of Economic Inferiority93
Xenophobia, Racism, and Hate of Albanians97
From the Economic Inferiority of Intellectual Superiority to Economic Justice for Inferiority103
8 Portrait of Fatmir R., High School Principal, Democrat, Janitor, Maintenance Technician, Contemporary Citizen108
9 The Economic Disadvantages of Emigration114
Racism and Economics114
The Economics of Illegality119
The Economics of Statelessness124
10 Portrait of Llambi S., Math Teacher, Member of Albania's Party of Labor, Olive Plucker, Construction Helper, Lottery Peddler, Café Proprietor134
11 Why Emigrants Do Not Return to Albania140
The Past in the Present of Albania140
The Continuity of Decline143
The Objective Position of the ``Common Human'' in Albania148
When You Have Moved Forward, It Is Hard to Move Backward151
12 Portrait of Drita H., Chemical Engineer, Domestic Cleaner, Moviegoer, Balletomane154
13 The World According to the Emigrants162
Territorialized Fulfillment162
Geography and Hierarchy166
America, Where Things Are as Things Ought to Be 169
The World Hierarchy172
14 Portrait of Ilir, Known As Panajotis, Embassy Child, Ex-Politically Persecuted, Internment Farm Worker, Baker's Aide, Specialist of Floors, Would-be Rebuilder of the World Trade Center175
15 The Logic and the Experience of Emigration185
The Logic of Emigration185
The Subjection of Emigration Experiences to the Imaginary of World Hierarchy186
The Roots of Action190
The Albanians of Greece194
16 Portrait of Genci K., Student, Waiter198
17 Socioglobal Articulations and Imaginaries205
The Necessity for International Advancement in 1980s Albania205
The Impossibility of International Advancement in Contemporary Greece209
The Socioglobal214