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Author: Nicole Radina
Title: The HEART of the MATTER Living a LIFESTYLE of FREEDOM
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN/ISSN: 9781098305222
Edition: 1
Price: CHF 11.30
Publication date: 01/01/2020
Category: Religion/Theologie
Language: English
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Pages: 132
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In this dynamic book, you will learn about the 'Power of Connection.' You were created for attachment, and learning how to encounter Jesus will lead you into a lifestyle of freedom. Have you ever wondered why the truth of God's Word is not manifesting in your life? For example, you know Jesus Christ is Lord, He gave you authority to overcome, and victory belongs to you because He said, 'It is Finished!' But maybe you struggle with anxiety, feel controlled by fear, and feel powerless against your pain. WHAT is happening? In this book you will learn: How pain becomes a connector for more pain. Why the pain you thought you already dealt with is still there.How God created your heart to operate. How to connect with Jesus more deeply. How to learn what your heart has been trying to tell you for years. How the brain and heart are connected. And how to deal with the disappointing things of life in a healthy way. Pain never goes away. It has to be healed, and unhealed pain, leaks! The Holy Spirit is standing by. It's all about connection with the One who calls YOU by name. This book will lead you on a journey and it's really not as scary as it sounds. Jesus really is WHO He says He is. The freedom you yearn for, BELONGS TO YOU! Let's get to the HEART of the MATTER!
Table of contents

Prayers and Reconciliation

This is meant to be a guide for you, to help you, as you journey through your heart with Jesus and find unhealed pain. These prayers do not have to be repeated word for word; however, there is nothing less powerful about reading a prayer from a sincere heart. Its always encouraged to start your time with Jesus with a Covering Prayer. As pain and trauma need to be released, you can use the Releasing Prayer to help you. ALWAYS fill a part of your heart with the Holy Spirit after they have released pain. If you find yourself distracted or feel that the enemy is trying to interfere, you can pray another push back prayer of appeal, or use the Mini-Appeal Prayer. Close your time in prayer by sealing the work that Jesus has done with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Covering Prayer: Thank You, Lord, for this time with You that You have appointed for me. I come before Your throne, washed in Your blood, and ask You to forgive me of any sins, and I thank You that You are faithful to cleanse me of any unrighteousness. I ask You, Jesus, to push back and rebuke any evil forces or attachments that would try to keep me captive in any way. I ask You to push back those forces. I ask You to restrain those forces, completely and fully, and I say along with You to any such forces, THE LORD REBUKE YOU, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST THAT HAS CHOSEN ME, REBUKE YOU.

Releasing Prayer: Lord Jesus, in accordance with Your word that You open the prison doors and set the captives free, I pray that the door to the prison holding this pain and trauma would open right now and that all the pain and trauma and everything not of You will release now! Releasing, releasing, releasing, flowing, releasing. For You, Jesus, were wounded for all the transgression against me, You were bruised for all the iniquity against me, and surely You bore my sorrows, and by Your stripes, I am healed.

Infilling Prayer: Lord Jesus, I ask You now to fill every place that has been left empty with Your Holy Spirit and with Your living presence. Filling, filling, filling (stay with this as you watch the part of your heart being filled) Lord, I ask for You to wash through, into every fiber of my being. Come Holy Spirit and fill with springs of living water. 4

Mini Appeal Prayer: Lord, I come before the courts of heaven and ask You, Lord, to judge righteously, that there would be justice for the oppressed. I ask You to move back all cosmic beings, and forbid them from harassing, intimidating or retaliating against me, whether in the body or outside the body. Lord, would You prevent these beings, of whatever rank, from devouring me, my family, my ministry, or my possessions. May all such