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Editor: Peter Burian, Jenny Strauss Clay, Gregson Davis
Title: Euphrosyne Studies in Ancient Philosophy, History, and Literature
Publisher: & Co.KG
ISBN/ISSN: 9783110604597
Series: Beiträge zur AltertumskundeISSN
Edition: 1
Price: CHF 96.00
Publication date: 01/01/2020
Category: Geschichte
Language: English
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Pages: 338
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This book collects essays and other contributions by colleagues, students, and friends of the late Diskin Clay, reflecting the unusually broad range of his interests. Clay's work in ancient philosophy, and particularly in Epicurus and Epicureanism and in Plato, is reflected chapters on Epicurean concerns by André Laks, David Sedley and Martin Ferguson Smith, as well as Jed Atkins on Lucretius and Leo Strauss; Michael Erler contributes a chapter on Plato. James Lesher discusses Xenophanes and Sophocles, and Aryeh Kosman contributes a jeu d'esprit on the obscure Pythagorean Ameinias. Greek cultural history finds multidisciplinary treatment in Rebecca Sinos's study of Archilochus' Heros and the Parian Relief, Frank Romer's mythographic essay on Aphrodite's origins and archaic mythopoieia more generally, and Kyriakos Tsantsanoglou's explication of Callimachus's kenning of Mt. Athos as 'ox-piercing spit of your mother Arsinoe.' More purely literary interests are pursued in chapters on ancient Greek (Joseph Russo on Homer, Dirk Obbink on Sappho), Latin (Jenny Strauss Clay and Gregson Davis on Horace), and post-classical poetry (Helen Hadzichronoglou on Cavafy, John Miller on Robert Pinsky and Ovid). Peter Burian contributes an essay on the possibility and impossibility of translating Aeschylus. In addition to these essays, two original poems (Rosanna Warren and Jeffrey Carson) and two pairs of translations (from Horace by Davis and from Foscolo by Burian) recognize Clay's own activity as poet and translator. The volume begins with an Introduction discussing Clay's life and work, and concludes with a bibliography of Clay's publications.