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Author: Daniel Nimmervoll
Title: High-Speed-Photography
Publisher: & Co. KG
ISBN/ISSN: 9783958457751
Edition: 1
Price: CHF 28.70
Publication date: 01/01/2019
Category: Kunst/Grafik/Fotografie
Language: English
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Pages: 256
Kopierschutz: Wasserzeichen
Geräte: PC/MAC/eReader/Tablet
Formate: PDF
Table of contents
Impressive images with breathtaking colour effects Various drop shapes, colour explosions and ballistic shootings Detailed information on required equipment and the assembly of the sets High-speed photography captures moments which the human eye barely perceives. Fractions of seconds, in which a water drop strikes or a light bulb explodes. Daniel Nimmervoll shows in this updated and expanded edition how you can freeze these dynamic moments with the help of your camera and produce proper artwork. First, he reveals how you can take water drop photos with the simplest means and without equipment. Then, he goes into detail with professional equipment and explains which preparations are necessary for various shootings. He deals with topics such as lighting, control units, solenoid valves, different drop liquids, the shutter delay of the camera and gives an insight into his workflow of image editing as well as reproducibility of the drop shapes. This new edition has also been expanded to cover the topics Water Wigs, special nozzles with a plastic-based 3D printing process as well as special UV flashes with fluorescent colours. The setups and settings, but above all timings, become trickier with each shooting, but the recording technique leaves plenty of room for experiments which lead to spectacular results. Let your creativity run wild! Various drop shapes, colour explosions, Aqua Splashes and ballistics shootings, this book offers you a complete coverage of high speed photography. Includes: Basic principles Equipment: Camera and lens, controllers, solenoid valves and nozzles, water basin, DIY wood structure Lighting: Flashes, light shapers, colours gels Drop liquids: Water, guar gum, Nutilis Clear, glycerine, milk and many more Setups and drop shapes: Reflections, 3-valve technique, Double Pillars, Jelly Fish, Crowns, Fountains... Reproducibility Nozzles out of the 3D printer UV flashes with fluorescent colours Water Wigs Aqua Splash Ballistics shooting Image editing Excursus: High-speed video camera

Daniel Nimmervoll was born in 1981 in Linz and lives in Austria. After learning carpentry, he switched to chemistry and learned the trade of chemical process engineering where Daniel is still active today. From the end of 2007, Daniel became more involved with photography and thereby discovered a new hobby. Shortly after he bough a macro lens and was immediately impressed by insect shots. By the end of 2010, Daniel specialized in high-speed photography, especially with water drops. Their unique shapes are the driving force for him to keep going and he keeps trying to produce new creative works. Daniel is constantly looking for new challenges which he tries to implement with absolute precision and professionalism.