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Titel: Cities - Coins - Commerce Essays presented to Ian Blanchard on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday
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This e-book is a collection of essays written by pre-eminent scholars across the globe on key topics and problems in medieval and early modern economic history of Britain and central Europe. The ebook is dedicated to Ian Blanchard, emeritus professor of medieval economic history at the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom).

Ian Blanchard  A Very Personal Appreciation12
The Descent into a Dark Age: Byzantine Europe, c.400800 A.D.22
Royal Initiative and Scottish Burghs, 1100140046
Neighbourhoods, Suburbs and Ethnic Quarters in the HungarianTowns, Thirteenth to Fifteenth Centuries64
The Study of Medieval Foreign Trade of Hungary: A Historiographical Overview86
Credit and its Record in the Later Medieval English Countryside98
Bad Money, Evil Coins? Coin Debasement and Devaluation as Instruments of Monetary Policy on the Eve of the Price Revolution110
Necessities and Luxuries in Early-Modern Textile Consumption: Real Values of Worsted Says and Fine Woollens in the Sixteenth-Century Low Countries142
The Höchstetter Bankruptcy of 1529 and its Relationship to the European Quicksilver Market170
Technique or Demand? The Revival of the English Copper Industry, ca. 16801730188
Serendipity and a Statue: Dundee, Robert Burns and a monument worthy of Scotland196
Japans Integration into the International Cashless Payment System. A Case Study208
List of Contributors224