FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I change the language?

Yes, simply click on the top right of corresponding language icon. If you open an account, the language in which you do automatically is saved as a correspondence language.

2. My search criteria are not successful, why is that?

This can happen for two reasons:
- The search string exists not in exactly this spelling in the database. You can expand your search, put in a * at the end of the search word. Example: anima* finds animal, animals and many more.
- The article does not exist in the database. Then write us an email with all information known at info@businessbuch.ch

3. What is an ISBN / EAN?

ISBN = International Serial Book Number
EAN = European Article Number
More detailed information can be found here: Wikipedia Internationale Standardbuchnummer

4. How can I buy a voucher from businessbuch.ch?

If you are interested in a voucher from Businessbuch.ch, then please send an e-mail to: info@businessbuch.ch with the following informations:
Your request brief, complete billing address (if you are not a customer of Businessbuch.ch yet), otherwise your customer number, complete address of the voucher recipient, including email address. This information is needed, because the voucher purchase automatically means an account opened in Businessbuch.ch. You can pay by bank transfer voucher. Normally it takes to issue a voucher for 2-3 days (subject to change). Faster delivery must be clarified beforehand.